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onsite group training

How convenient for you and your employees! We will come to your site and set up in your boardroom to make it easy for everybody! Don't have computers? No problem! We have a lab of 12 laptops, complete with external mice (so you don't have to use that trackball thingy)!


full or half day workshops

If your site is outside of the Edmonton area, we offer full day training classes. The costs are the same with the addition of travel expenses. Additional fees will be added for remote locations, non-standard products, longer classes or extreme customizations. These rates are for the standard suite of Microsoft Office products - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook.

Our training programs are eligible for the Canada Job Training Grant.

The Canadian and Provincial governments have teamed up to offer employers a fantastic grant. Employers can apply for job-related training for their employees and get reimbursed up to two-thirds of the amount! Read more about the Alberta Job Grant here and apply today. If you're not from Alberta, check with your local resources to see if one is available in your area.

Click here to request a quote.

What you will learn

Our course outlines can be customized to what your company needs

one hour workshops

Want to offer bite size training sessions? How about Lunch and Learns or add-ons to your staff meetings? We will offer these one hour sessions in-person or virtually!


These sessions are great for companies who want to try out our training, have time limitations, or perhaps to get training buy in. We are able to present on most topics related to Microsoft Office but the most popular are our tips and tricks sessions. Participants don't practice during the class, but get a taste of the power of Microsoft Office features!

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