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one on one training

Whether virtually or in person, one on one or individual training is a very popular choice. We have programs specifically designed for retraining people to get back into the workforce. We can do it onsite or virtually.


These sessions are also great for students who have specific questions or who need a refresher and don't need to sit through a longer class. We work with you to develop a training plan based on our course outlines that is perfect for the individual who is training. Please review our sample course outlines below. 


In-person - $200/hour

Virtual: $150/hour

Minimum is two hours

Our training programs are eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

The Canadian and Provincial governments have teamed up to offer employers a fantastic grant. Employers can apply for job-related training for their employees and get reimbursed up to two-thirds of the amount, provided there are at least 21 hours of training! Read more about the Alberta Job Grant here and apply today. If you're not from Alberta, check with your local resources to see if one is available in your area.

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