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MOS Practice Tests

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If you're not wanting to purchase exam vouchers just yet, you can purchase the practice tests separately. Practice tests are valid for one year from purchase and include all exams for you to practice!

Why Practice Tests?

  • Enhance learning through self-paced practice questions
  • Build familiarity with the testing environment
  • Increase confidence towards certification exams
  • Better prepare to pass certification exams

Practice tests expire one year from purchase.

Once payment has been received, our MOS Administrator will reach out to you with information about accessing your practice tests.


  1. Refunds can be made on the purchasing credit card up to 72 hours before the scheduled exam. All refunds are subject to a 3% merchant fee.
  2. Practice tests are final sale if activated. If you request a refund after activating a practice test, you will incur a $130 fee. If you request a refund without activating your practice tests you will incur a $70 fee.
  3. Cancellations made 72 hours or more in advance of the testing time, will be rescheduled at no charge to the client; however, cancellations made less that 72 hours but greater that 48 hours of the testing time will incur a $35 fee.
  4. Failure to attend a scheduled test, or a cancellation the day of your test will incur a $75 fee.
  5. Clients who are 30 minutes late or more to an exam will incur a $35 fee. Clients who are greater than 30 minutes late may be required to reschedule.
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