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This course is designed to introduce both new and existing concepts to understand what digital literacy means and how to address current computing concepts for being online – including the use of the cloud and mobile devices. Students will get a firm understanding of how to find and validate research results, become productive and effective communicators, and collaborate with others to create content in modern digital environments.


The book structure is a comprehensive series of computer theory credentials that use seven digital literacy domains to successfully understand and apply these skills. Each of these seven domains will be introduced in three levels of ascending depth of information:


  • Level 1 (basic) – introduces fundamental concepts and essential components.
  • Level 2 (intermediate) – builds on the knowledge covered in Level 1 to apply practical abilities to each of the seven domain skills at this level.
  • Level 3 (advanced) – focuses on concepts for an advanced understanding of digital literacy and builds a technical foundation of skills and knowledge to succeed in personal, educational, and professional environments.

The intent of this courseware is to gradually introduce computer knowledge and skill sets to establish a firm understanding of digital literacy. This understanding is achieved with the help of situational examples and visual content (such as walk-throughs, diagrams, and illustrations) throughout the book.

Course Length: 50-80 hours


IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 6 Certification Guide